Unconventional furniture exhibition by mömax & Vox Technology Park

Posted in News on 11.12.2018

Currently, the passers-by that enter the office building Vox Technology Park can let themselves be amazed by a unique collection of furniture pieces, designed especially for those who want more than trends, but also exclusivity and originality.

The temporary exhibition can be seen on the ground floor, in the Vox Lounge- a place for the business meetings, as well as the relaxation moments. Such an unique, out of the ordinary moment is likely to be provided by the aforementioned exhibition.

The unconventional design of the furniture is quite eye-catching, making an unexpected alliance between new and old, aesthetic and functional. The creators used their imagination to reclaim surprising elements such as old motorcycle or tractor parts and to make totally new and functional objects out of them. These will surely bring a style statement to any interior.

The result is hard to catch in one definition- it might be called experimental, minimalist, vintage, eclectic- but Surprising is the only etiquette that really fits.

Not only they are surprisingly modern and attractive, but the pieces of this collection are perfectly in sync with an ecological trend so necessary in this time of acute consumerism. We are thinking about the fact that the furniture has been made out of reclaimed materials and parts of worn out objects: wood (from old entry doors), metal and headlights from old trucks etc.

This is a solid proof that, if you use your imagination, you can give a new life to old products, in order to materialize some new and surprising ideas, in a new form and context that bring extra value to the modern life and living.

The building that hosts them, Vox Technology Park, is already known on the professional spaces real estate market for its differentiating features. One of the newest, most impressive smart buildings in Timișoara, it is also the first real estate project in the country to receive an Excellent score (85,59%) from BREEAM Interim.

The employees that work in the building enjoy various benefits from High tech and ecology area (biometric identification with facial and imprint recognition, 13 electric car chargers and electric car sharing etc).

The unconventional, artistic dimension that Vox Technology park has been encouraging, can be seen in various forms, from the smart and also eye-appealing use of resources (like the vast graffiti walls in the stairwell), to events of this kind. This is an excellent  opportunity to prove that professional life doesn’t have to be imprisoned in lifeless, dull workplaces, but rather to freshen the workspaces with art and imagination.

With this experimental exhibition, mömax- a brand of the second world’s largest furniture retailer,  XXXLutz, wants to mark a creative way of getting out of the mundane, enhancing lifestyle with furniture and interior design. Even if they have entered the Romanian market only recently, mömax has chosen a position of ambience creator more than just a simple furniture, accessories and decorations retailer for the masses.

Their invitation is actually addressed to people of many tastes, to be #athomeintrend, by bringing in their homes and workplaces inspiration from all the corners of the world and the current trends. With this exclusive collection at Vox Technology Park, mömax focuses on a client niche that appreciates something different, demands innovation and follows the road openers.

Vox Technology Park, built at the beginning of 2018, offers a rentable surface of 26.600 m2, unique facilities and competitive advantages for the employees- such as storage spaces, showers for bicycle users, food court and a gym, shopping and services area.

Vox Technology Park is one of the few projects in Timișoara to re-design the employees’ experience at the office. Besides the specific activities, they have a warm and fun communication with the tenants, in a visual way that promotes a happy life, as it would be normal for any healthy organisational culture” (Oana Adjudeanu, Colliers International).

Mömax entered the Romanian market for the first time in 2018 and it is the younger brand of the Austrian corporation XXXLutz, alongside XXXLutz, Mӧbelix and many other various brands. With 566 stores in Europe and a turnover of 4,2 billion euro, they are the world’s second furniture retailer. The Austrians have opened the first Romanian store in Timisoara, but they plan to extend nationally, with a dozen of new stores in all the major cities. XXXLutz European clients are over 20 million, in Austrian, German, Czech Republic, Croatian, French, Swedish, Swiss, Slovenian, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, and now, Romanian stores.

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